National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Sponsors: 3 projects.
New media, digital art, techno art, interdisciplinary works and projects

The Digital AIR Program is awarded under the authority of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Digital Art Talents Cultivation Program. The aim of the Digital AIR Program is to enhance the opportunities and expand the horizons of Taiwan's rising digital artists, and to increase art and cultural exchange between Taiwan and other countries. With this artist residency program, we hope to nurture the development of digital arts in Taiwan.


Since 2007, the NTMOFA has been developing the field of digital art. NTMOFA has integrated the Digital Creative Arts Project with the Taiwan Digital Art and Information Center to establish the DigiArk - a comprehensive networking and resource center which contains a rich digital audio-visual archive with information on digital artworks, media technologies, as well as professional practitioners and researchers in fields relating to digital arts. The DigiArk is designed to accommodate the Museum's wide range of cross-interdisciplinary, cross-media interactive installations. It is an ideal space for integrating education and creativity, and provides an excellent laboratory that allows artists to move freely between virtual and material worlds.