Kitchen Budapest

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Our lab is a human centred inspiring social space that catalyses discussion and creation bounding.

Kitchen Budapest was founded in 2007 with the support of Hungarian Telekom. KIBU is an internationally recognized innovation lab where we help ideas take wing with incubation, education and playing. Our goal is to create sustainable, valuable projects with meaning and authenticity. We also take active part in the design of new products and services for Telekom contributing to its success on the Hungarian market. Building on our rich history we activate a wide network of people to be always in the heart of innovation. At the intersection of technology, science, culture and art KIBU is a true interdisciplinary and social place to experiment for all those who want to show on real life projects what they can do. Here at KIBU we lead thinking and contribute to the discussions about the trends in technology and design keeping the social and human focus always in the centre. Our core team consists of a wide range of competencies including graphic designers, industrial designers, visual artists, animators, electrical engineers, legal specialist, researcher and communication and business experts. Our projects are the result of their knowledge, teamwork and playful experimentation. Our team continuously works on colorful and inspiring projects aiming to turn some of them into long lasting success.