About the network

The Summer Sessions are short-term artist residencies that take place over the summer months. These residencies aim to jumpstart the professional practice of early career artists by offering a highly productive atmosphere of expert feedback, production support and resources, as well as interaction with other international participants. The result is a ‘pressure cooker’ in which artists develop an art project from concept to presentable work, ready to show at an international public event.

Partners can have two functions in the network:

  • Sponsor: Financial supporter of a Summer Session artist. Sponsors only support local artists (i.e. artists that reside in the same country as where the sponsor is based).

  • Host: Facilitator of a Summer Session residency. Hosts facilitate residencies by artists from abroad.

Every partner in the network has to sponsor at least one artist. Additionally, partners can choose if they also want to act as a host. Resultantly, partners can:

  1. only function as a sponsor, sponsoring one or more Summer Sessions artists, or
  2. sponsor one or more Summer Sessions artists and additionally function as a host for one or more Summer Session residencies.

Download the full overview of the Summer Sessions Network (PDF).

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The Artists

The Summer Session residencies are intended for early career artists, meaning the artist is under 35 years of age and/or graduated no more than 5 years before the time of applying. Artists can only applyif one of the partners in the talent development network is based in their country of residence.

The Residency

The duration of a residency is roughly 8 weeks in the period between June 15th and September 30th. Each artist commits him/herself to the production of a presentable residency output. Hosts are expected to take care of everything to the advantage of a successful result, as far as capacity and budget allows, e.g.: project management, developer support, working space, tools etcetera. It should be understood that this support lies outside the project budget, i.e. it is considered an in-kind contribution to the project and the network.


Please fill out the form below to get in contact to discuss possibilities to join the network.